Hotel’s Amazing Design

The hotel’s fabulous and authentic design was made by Hauser. It was motivated and greatly influenced by his passion for the sea. Amazingly, the hotel is architecturally designed following the human organism patterns. It is explained that there is a wonderful analogy why the hotels architecture is patterned as the human physiology.

From the top view, you would see that its geometrical element looks like number eight. Inscribed on its side is a circle. A big space on the basin of the hotel was also provided.

It is done to give sufficient space for the bars, restaurants, meeting facilities, and for the themed suits. Accordingly, the sinus knot located on the center of the hotel is compared to the human pulse of life while the other area represents the nervous system, cardiovascular system and the motor function.

Located on the hotels nerve centre is a ballroom with an interconnecting symmetrical pathways. It serves as link to the ramps and the other floor level. Staircases, lifts and ramps serves as a link to ballroom areas and other fascinating areas of the hotel. Also, the catering areas provide a banquet and serves as receptions to every guest.