Hotel Guest Rooms

All in all, this jellyfish-like Leisure Complex hotel boasts 220 impressive suits. It is complete with modern facilities and amenities to make your rest very comfortable, relaxing and great. Each of those rooms is bubble like in shape. It features a clear and transparent glass that enables guest to view the scenic underwater views.

Still privacy of every room is assured. Drapes, curtains and other facilities are provided to protect every guest’s privacy. Bathtubs in every room are also very unique. It is designed as if you are taking a bath on the sea. On its upper floor of the hotel rooms are the marine research laboratory, conference rooms and cosmetic surgical clinic.

As you rest or relax you could really be inspired at the magnificent views that the hotel offers. Tranquil atmosphere features every room and you will certainly develop awareness of what underwater really have. Special system of lighting is also applied to every room.