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World class accommodation can be really experience on the state of the art hotel named Underwater Hotel Dubai. At the […]

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Underwater Hotel Dubai

If you wanted to see most thrilling and exhilarating views then Underwater Hotel Dubai is best place for you. Around the world, it is one of the most unique, hotels that offer world class accommodations. It is also known as the biggest and expensive construction with a state of art facilities as well as features. Staying at the hotel is indeed a very memorable experience that you could treasure in your whole life. It is a very expensive hotel yet it is one of the most rewarding hotels to stay in.

The hotel is divided into three interesting and distinct areas. All of those areas are unique and holds something that will really catch everyone’s attention. One of the hotels distinct parts is the land station. It is a large tunnel that connects to the main area of the hotel. Guest and visitors are also welcomed sincerely and entertained at this area. By means of train, people are transported from the land station to the main area.

Accordingly, the hotel has authentic 220 suites within its leisure submarine complex. It is also known as the biggest and most impressive underwater structure around the World. As a fact it covers a total area that measures 260 hectares. Its size is the same as the size of the famous Hyde Park of London.

The hotel is a fabulous hotel that is wonderfully nested 20 meters below the Persian Gulf surface. It is also situated very near the Jumeriah Beach of the Dubai’s coastline. For sure, everyone will find the hotel as a perfect place for leisure, best area to relax, have a break and perfect area for unwinding.